Check This Out: Preview Clips for Sunday's New 'True Blood'

Check This Out: Preview Clips for Sunday’s New ‘True Blood’

It’s Comic-Con time so it seems appropriate to have some new clips previewing Sunday night’s all-new episode of True Blood. After all, the show is very successful, has legions of fans and also has quite a presence at the Con.

So, that brings us to the clips. We’ve got two for you and they’re titled “Sookie’s Gross” and “Jason’s Promise.” We can’t know for sure what those titles mean, but we can probably guess.

“Sookie’s Gross” probably means, well, you know, she’s gross. Probably because she did the nasty with a werewolf. Vampires don’t like that.

As for “Jason’s Promise” we can only surmise that Jason promises that he will or won’t do something. See, it doesn’t take a rocket doctor to figure these things out, does it?

Check them both out after the break. True Blood airs on HBO Sunday night at 9/8C.