The Flickcast - Episode 215: Doctor Who?

The Flickcast – Episode 215: Doctor Who?


This week on The Flickcast Chris and Joe are back once again and ready to dig deep into all the geek news, and more, you could possibly stand. The boys kick it off once again with more discussion on the latest actor to play the iconic Doctor in Doctor Who. He’s Peter Capaldi and the boys wonder: is he a good choice and what will happen to the show now?

They also get into other topics like Broadchurch, the latest BBC drama to to the States starring former Doctor David Tennant, Harrison Ford (and others) jumping onto the Expendables bandwagon for Expendables 3, Johnny Depp’s criticisms of critics, “Blockbuster Fatigue”, and, of course, the usual other geeky stuff.

The boys also made some picks this week including Joe’s pick of the Blu-ray of the sci-fi movie Oblivionand Chris’ pick of a new, shiny piece of tech called the Google Chromecast.

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