404: 'Don't Feed the Trolls' with Rick Marshall

404: ‘Don’t Feed the Trolls’ with Rick Marshall

It’s a brand new episode of The Flickcast. We’re still doing this! High fives all around.

Joe is off this week so Chris, and special guest Rick Marshall of Digital Trends, get deep into all-things movies, television and pop culture with discussions ranging from Zack Snyder’s Justice League to parenting during a pandemic to toxic fandom, the future of movies and movie theaters, their first “adult” movie experiences, what they’re watching and looking forward to and a whole lot more.

No really, they talk about a lot of stuff . . . and most of it’s pretty damn interesting. Why not give it a listen?

WARNING: This episode contains discussions about COVID-19, mental health, toxic fandom and quarantine. We understand not everyone is in a place to talk about or hear discussions surrounding these issues. Please do what’s best for you. Stay safe everyone.

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We’re back baby!

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