Weekly Link Love: Some Instagram Favorites

Weekly Link Love: Some Instagram Favorites

some instagram favorites

Last time on Weekly Link Love we featured some Twitter accounts we love to follow. This week we’re focusing on a different platform and highlighting some Instagram favorites instead.

That’s right, it’s time for another edition of Weekly Link Love. As we’ve said before, this is place where we call attention to websites, blogs, videos, socials (including cool Instagram accounts) or other people & places we think you should know about.

Sure, some may not like Instagram, especially after it was purchased by Facebook. But it still remains one of the best places to showcase your creative work and potentially build a large fanbase. Plus, there’s lot of great artists we admire who show their work on Instagram. So, for us, that makes it a worthwhile platform.

You may have heard of none, some, or all of these Instagram folks. And yes, we know we’ve featured a few of them in previous Weekly Link Love posts, but they’re worth your time so we’re link loving them again!

And, of course, there’s so many more we follow and love. We can’t list them all. This post would be way too long. Instead, these are but a sample.

Okay? Okay. As always, don’t forget to spread the love. Now, on to the links!

Chris Lowell – You know him from Veronica Mars and Glow, but he’s also a great photographer too. Check out his work. 

Conor Leslie – Badass superhero on TV’s Titans and badass photographer and person too. 

Felicia Day – What can we say? No list of people on Instagram nerd’s love would be complete without this person. 

History of Cinema – So many great photos taking you through cinema’s past. A great account, especially if you love movies like we do.

Jack Black – This man has helped us tremendously during quarantine by being damn funny in his own backyard. Thank you Jack.

Jason Momoa – Really needs to explanation. He’s just cool and a great guy.

Kat Swansey – Kat’s photos of rural Texas towns are really exceptional. If you want to experience the “real” Texas, this is the account for you.

Kodak Film – We still love film and still love the way it looks. If you’re a film lover too, this is an account for you. 

Marisha Ray – We love Critical Role (obviously) and Marisha is one of our favorite cast members. She’s also a cool human too.

Matt Day – We keep coming back to this guy, but we love his work. If you want to see what excellent photography looks like, check out this man’s Instagram. 

Negative Feedback – We’ve learned a lot from this gentleman. He’s a talented photographer and one of the first to extoll the virtues of film on Instagram and YouTube.

Ryan Muirhead – Another photographer who’s work inspires us. 

Sam Riegel – If we had to pick a favorite member of the Critical Role team, it would be Sam. Watch the show and you’ll understand why.

Sandy Phimester – Another photographer who’s talent we aspire too. His photos are amazing.

Taika Waititi – We like funny, talented people who make great art that forces you to think a bit too. If you like those things also, check out this person’s Instagram. 

Vintage Audio Love – We love analog stuff and this account showcases the best of vintage audio porn. 

Wil Wheaton – He’s just this guy, you know?

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