Episode 455: The Whole Season

Episode 455: The Whole Season

the whole season

It’s time for a brand new episode of The Flickcast. The podcast about stuff nerds love. This week it’s Episode 455: The Whole Season.

On this episode Chris and Joe get right into it with discussions about new and recurring topics. Some of these include giving shows a chance to get their act together, continuing franchises after the death of a main cast member, Star Trek trivia, the latest episode of the Apple TV+ series Foundation, the newest episode of Y: The Last Man on Hulu and and the penultimate episode of the Marvel/Disney+ series What If. . . ?.

In addition to the above, you can also expect the usual “more” and a few tangents. They just can’t get through one episode without them.

Picks are back again this week too with Joe’s pick of the Star Trek novel trilogy Star Trek: Coda, and Chris’ pick of the online D&D companion service D&D Beyond, which helps you keep track of your character’s spells, attacks and other abilities as well as a whole lot more. Also, Joe wanted to make sure the D&D and RPG themed bar in Toronto called Storm Crow Manor got a shoutout. Sounds like a fun place. 

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