'Battle: Los Angeles' Director to Take On 'Clash of the Titans' Sequel

‘Battle: Los Angeles’ Director to Take On ‘Clash of the Titans’ Sequel

Even though his film Battle: Los Angeles hasn’t even been released yet, director Jonathan Liebesman has apparently already lined up his next job. That job? Director of the sequel to Clash of the Titans which, at this moment, is cleverly entitled Clash of the Titans 2.

According to Deadline, the director was in talks for the film over the weekend and through yesterday but those negotiations stalled because of, you guessed it, money. But now it seems all is well and they’ve been able to reach an agreement to make a sequel to a film that most people, including a majority of critics, had nothing but bad things to say about.

Unfortunately, the sequel was inevitable considering both of the film’s leads (Sam Worthington and Gemma Aterton) survived and the movie, in spite of its negative reviews and terrible conversion to 3D, made a crap load of money worldwide. I’m hopeful the studio will do better this time and am encouraged by at least one other fact that’s come out during this dealmaking process: They will shoot the film in 3D instead of converting it later.

That alone should improve things considerably. Now if we could just do something about the lame story, wooden acting and uninspired direction . . . then we’d really be onto something. Too snarky? I can never tell.

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  • Bedlam
    September 1, 2010 at 3:50 am

    I finally watched Clash of the Titans, but I didn’t see it in 3D. It was as bad as many of the reviews lead me to believe; however, it wasn’t that great either. Hopefully, the writer or writers do a much better job the second time and add some logic and consistency to the plot.
    If I were Liebesman, I’d hold out for more money too considering that he’s going to be associated with this franchise that has a huge uphill battle with critics and fans alike.