First In Game Footage In New 'X-Men: Destiny' Trailer

First In Game Footage In New ‘X-Men: Destiny’ Trailer

It’s been about five years since X-Men Legends II: The Rise of Apocalypse, the last true X-Men game, was released. Since that time, the band of merry mutants has only played second fiddle appearing in other Marvel titles. Now, Silicon Knights, with the writing of Mike Carey, will be tackling the X-Men saga.

In the new trailer below, there is the first reveal of gameplay footage as well as some better hints of the mutants who will actually be featured in the game. These look to be Cyclops, Emma Frost, Quicksilver, Pyro, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Magneto and Surge. The final three look to be the possible characters players can play as.

In the trailer, the first actual gameplay footage is shown very briefly with a young mutant covered in tattoos facing off against a large mutated freak. This could be a reveal that Ink of Young X-Men may be one of the characters playable in the game.

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