Exclusive: 'X-Men: Destiny' Hands On & Developer Interview

Exclusive: ‘X-Men: Destiny’ Hands On & Developer Interview

Recently, we got the chance to get hands on with X-Men: Destiny for the first time. In our demo we got to check out the first level of the game where we had the opportunity to choose between the game’s three possible protagonists Aimi, Grant and Adrian. When a massive Purifier attack hits downtown San Francisco, the player must also decide on the spot which of the three power sets they would like to equip their character with.

The early level surprisingly has a lot of conversation within it as players meet members of both the X-Men and Brotherhood who are both fighting against the Purifiers. Because of the noise in the Activision event, we couldn’t really hear the dialogue at the time but the gist we got was that both sides were already actively beginning to recruit this new mutant to their side.

X-Men: Destiny plays much like a standard 3D street brawler with the added bonus of mutant powers. There are your basic light, heavy, special and grab attacks along with blocking and dodging mechanics as expected. The gameplay itself was fun but the story possibilities are definitely the most intriguing part for us.

The graphics so far for X-Men: Destiny still leave a a lot to be desired. From what we assume, there is still polishing going on as certain animations look to be a bit choppy and character models still have some rough edges. From what we have seen from Silicon Knights in the past, they know how to make a good looking game so the last thing anyone wants is to see another game like Thor get published with unfinished characters and textures.

We also had the opportunity to chat with Denis Dyack about the game. Denis is known for his work on other titles such as Too Human and Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. Take a look below and see what Denis had to say about the X-Men: Destiny.

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