TV Recap: 'American Horror Story: Asylum' Season 2, Episode 11 - 'Spilt Milk'

TV Recap: ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Season 2, Episode 11 – ‘Spilt Milk’

AHS 2.11 Spilt Milk

This episode starts the mad dash to the season finale. It focuses mainly on Lana, Kit, and Grace finding their way out of Briarcliff, as well as a closer look at Lana’s now grown son Johnny.

We jump back and forth a few times between Briarcliff and current times. In the “now” timeline, the son of Bloody Face (Johnny) is in a hotel room smoking marijuana. He has ordered a prostitute that has just had a baby. He wants to breastfeed. Johnny tells the prostitute that his mother never loved him or his father.

A few times throughout the episode they cut back to Johnny and the prostitute as things progress. He confesses to having major mommy issues, and eventually starts choking the prostitute. We are led to believe that he has killed her.

Back in the “Briarcliff” timeline, Kit is brought to the rec room to see Grace and their baby. They decide to name the baby Thomas. Grace tells Kit that she saw a white light and thought she was going to heaven but ended up somewhere else. She was implanted with their baby, and she believes Kit’s wife Alma to be dead. In light of this news, Kit does the “right thing” and proposes to Grace. Monsignor Howard comes in and has the baby taken away to an orphanage.

Mother Superior Claudia finds Lana in the kitchen, and tells her she is going to help her escape. She gives Lana her hospital records for proof, and wants Lana to get Briarcliff shut down. Lana retrieves Dr Thredson’s taped confession and brings it with her, stopping to tell Jude that she will make sure Jude is released. While she is leaving Briarcliff, Dr. Thredson is trying to get Kit to trade the tape for Thomas. Kit agrees, but is actually just distracting Thredson as Lana walks right by him to a waiting cab. Thredson comes outside just in time to see the cab leaving as Lana holds up the tape and flips him off.

Thredson arrives at his home to find Lana sitting in his living room with a gun on him. She has already given the tape to the police and they are on their way. She has come to see him before he is arrested because she wants Wendy’s body for a proper burial. Thredson tells her that he saved it for a while, and even practiced sex on her dead body. But he burned her body after Lana rejected him. Lana tells Thredson that there is no way she will keep the baby after he is executed. Thredson explains to Lana that he is crazy, and they will just put him in an institution for a few years. He reaches for a hidden gun, but Lana shoots him before he can shoot her.

Lana visits Wendy’s grave, and blames her own pursuit of the story for Wendy’s death. Reporters swarm Lana as she leaves, and tells them that they’ll find out in her book.

Jude reams out Monsignor Howard for not renouncing his vows as he had suggested he would earlier. She says that she has total clarity and is more sane as a mad woman than she ever was as the head of Briarcliff. The Monsignor sends Jude to solitary.

Kit finds out he is being released and asks to speak to the Monsignor. He threatens to tell the reporters everything if he doesn’t get Grace and Thomas back. Kit, Grace, and Thomas arrive at his old house. They go in and start looking around, and hear a noise. Kit goes to investigate, and finds Alma sitting on the bed. With a baby! So apparently these aliens have given Kit two babies to take care of.

Lana goes to get an abortion, but backs out at the last possible second, saying that she is sick of death. Makes sense, since we’ve seen her adult son throughout the episode.

Lana goes to the police and gets a court order to interview Sister Jude. The Monsignor informs them that Jude committed suicide. Lana doesn’t believe him, but he produces a death certificate and witness reports. It is revealed soon after that Sister Jude is still alive, and is still in solitary.

The episode ends with Lana awaking to the sound of her newborn baby crying. She tells the nurse she didn’t want to see him, but the baby won’t stop crying. Lana feeds the baby. It appeared that she was going to give the baby up, but now it is not so clear.

With only two episodes left in the season, there is a lot that needs to be cleared up. The fate of the Sister Jude and Monsignor Howard at Briarcliff, Kit having two babies and essentially two wives, Lana and Johnny’s relationship, and Johnny’s murderous behavior. It should be a very busy two weeks wrapping up all the loose ends!

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