TV RECAP: ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Episode 303: ‘The Replacements’

TV RECAP: ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Episode 303: ‘The Replacements’

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Fiona has a flashback to 1971. She is the Supreme apparent to the current Supreme, Anna-Lee. Anna-Lee feels that Fiona is too young and cocky to take the throne, and if she had her way, Fiona would never become the Supreme. Anna-Lee slaps Fiona, and Fiona slices her throat, killing her. A servant witnesses the murder, and as we come back to current time, he still works there. But Fiona implies that she cut out his tongue.

Zoe goes to see Kyle’s mom, who confesses to her that she was about to hang herself when Zoe called. Zoe tells her she will see Kyle again, and leaves, intent of bringing Kyle back to his mother.

Zoe returns to Misty and Kyle to see how is coming along. His wounds have healed a great deal, and it is clear that Misty has grown attached to Kyle. When Zoe says she wants to take him to his mother, Misty gets angry, saying Kyle is not ready. But Kyle clings to Zoe, so she takes him away. Misty is crying one second, and dancing to Stevie Nicks the next.

Fiona arrives home to find Delphine crying and appalled that a black man is the president of the United States. Fiona tells Delphine that she has a lot to learn about the world she now lives in, and will learn in the school as a maid. Delphine refuses to serve Queenie because she is black, so Fiona makes her Queenie’s personal slave to punish her.

A mother and son move in next door to the school, and Nan, Queenie, and Madison are into the son. Nan brings over a cake, and Madison tags along in a very tight, small dress. The son’s name is Luke, and is not too into Madison, to her dismay. Luke’s mother Joan comes in, and forbids Luke from talking to either of the girls. Madison almost hits Joan with a knife, but does set the curtains on fire as she leaves.

Cordelia and Fiona are at separate doctors, and find out at the same time that due to an immune system problem in their blood, they cannot have procedures performed that they wanted. Cordelia cannot have invetro fertilization, and Fiona cannot have plastic surgery.

Fiona is drowning her sorrows in pills and booze when Joan comes to see her. She brings Fiona a bible, and lets her know about what Madison did at her house. When she says that the curtains were set on fire, Fiona’s eyes perk up. This must be a sign that Madison could be the next Supreme.

Zoe brings Kyle to Alicia’s (his mom) house and leaves him at the front door. She finds him, and is ecstatic. Alicia mentions to Kyle that when he took his shower, he looked different. She looked down at his crotch, and this gave a very creepy incestual vibe. This is confirmed very shortly after when she puts her hand under his blanket and starts doing something to him. Kyle is shown crying. So he either doesn’t like it now because he is different, or he never liked it in the first place when he was alive.

Alicia calls Zoe to tell her Kyle is different and she doesn’t know why. Before Zoe can get there, Kyle kills Alicia by bashing her head in with a trophy. When Zoe arrives, she finds Alicia’s dead body, and runs into Kyle covered in blood.

Cordelia goes to Marie LaVeau to purchase a fertility spell. Marie explains the gruesome details of the spell, and tells Cordelia that she it costs $50,000. Cordelia wants to know when they can do the spell. Marie laughs and tells her she will never help her because of what her mother did to her.

Queenie is making Delphine cook for her when they hear a noise outside. Delphine looks out the window and sees the mantaur (Marie’s reanimated husband that Delphine had tortured in her past) trying to get into the house. Delphine tells Queenie that this mantaur was a former houseboy of hers who violated her daughter.

Queenie offers to help, and goes outside and lures the mantaur into an alley. She tells him that they are both just looking for love, and that he can love her. He comes up behind her, and just when you think they are going to have sex, he grabs her by the mouth.

Fiona takes Madison out to try and teach her more. They make a man stand in the middle of the street, almost getting run over. They go to a bar and play pool, and the men are drawn to Madison. When they get home, Fiona tells Madison that she is the heir Supreme. Fiona has cancer, and won’t survive the year. Madison is drawing her powers down to increase her own.

Fiona tells Madison how she killed Anna-Lee. She even still has the knife she did it with. She tries to convince Madison to kill her, but Madison won’t do it. Fiona’s hand slips and she accidentally (I think) slices Madison’s throat. Quickly not feeling so bad about it, she orders the tongueless servant to bury her deep, and her powers may do damage to the grass in the spring. She says that the coven doesn’t need a new Supreme, it needs a new rug.

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