Capcom Reveals the 'Marvel vs. Capcom Origins' Announcement Trailer

Capcom Reveals the ‘Marvel vs. Capcom Origins’ Announcement Trailer

When it was rereleased on XBox Live Arcade three years ago, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was the hottest title for fighting game fans, even nine years after its release. What came next was the most hyped fighting game in recent memory with Marvel vs. Capcom 3. It’s no surprise that Capcom would take the popularity of the franchise as well as the recent publicity of Marvel because of the success of the Avengers and release two of the games that started it all.

Coming in September of this year to both the PlayStation Network and XBox Live Arcade is Marvel vs. Capcom Origins, a two for one deal with both Marvel Super Heroes and the first Marvel vs. Capcom. Before the X-Men crossed paths against Street Fighter, Marvel pitted its own heroes and villains against each other in Marvel Super Heroes. After the crossover success of X-Men vs. Street Fighter though, Marvel picked its heaviest hitters and brought them against Capcom’s all-star lineup in Marvel vs. Capcom.

But Capcom isn’t just giving a straight port to these games. There are some improvements coming to Marvel vs. Capcom Origins. First, and most expected is an HD makeover coming to both games with increased framerate and smoothed out visuals, though the battles will still take place in traditional 3×4 instead of widescreen format. Online will be added too as well as Replays and Spectator modes. There will be an in-game reward system, such as unlockable character skins (as opposed to entering button combos on the select screen) and character artwork.

Most interesting, there is a dynamic challenge system being added to the game. As you can see in some of the screens below, there looks to be a leveling and experience system whereby accomplishing certain tasks such as hitting 500 3x or more hit combos or hitting a certain amount of Super moves, players will gain experience and level up. This will most likely tie in to the unlockable system or maybe even a new Capcom experience system, much like we have seen in Ubisoft and EA titles down the line.

Stick to the Flickcast for more on Marvel vs. Capcom Origins. Hopefully we will get some time hands on next week at San Diego Comic Con. Take a look at the screen shot gallery below as well as the announcement trailer.